Suggestions for your Trip

The average annual temperature in the state is 17°C
The highest temperature its above 30°C during the months of May to August and the coldest will be around 0°C in the month of January.

Rainy days are not common but they appeared during summer, the total annual precipitation will be an average of the 500mm per year.

Travel Light

A very important rule for packing it’s to fist get everything you want to take with you in the trip and then take off half of all those items. Unpack everything except the most essential needs and start packing everything with a couple of days before you departure.

Pack casual cloth, comfortable, informal, this kind of cloth its well seen in each one of your destination in Chihuahua.

Independently of the time of the year we suggest to take a light jacket due to the temperatures that we can get in the sierra early in the morning or evenings, they can be a cool. During the winter months its necessarily warmer cloth due to low temperatures, they can go below 0°C

It’s very important to know that some activities during your trip are very attractive and invite you to visit them walking so we recommend to bring tennis-shoes that will be comfortable for your walks.

Traveling to a place outside of our comfort zone will lead us to new and different adventures, some can be exciting trying to do what locales do, but at times they can be frustrating trying to find items needed during your trip, that’s why we suggest to bring with you a kit with toiletries and medicines or homemade remedies that can be crucial to keep our comfort during the trip.

Its recommended not to pack glass containers, it’s better to use plastic ones.
Recommended to leave credit cards at home that aren’t going to be used, jewelry or other articles or garments with high value and unnecessarily for the trip that will upset you if lost.

List of improvement travel articles

  • Backpack to carry all the things that are necessary for daily excursions, for example, bottle of water, camera, sunscreen, etc. this kind of backpack its very convenient to have your hands free while using your camera and will distributes the weight of the items around your shoulders.
  • This backpack can be used as a hand luggage on your flights taking care not to pack on it prohibited article by the airlines.
  • Small zip lock bag so you can protect your camera or important articles from dust or moisture.  This kind of bags it’s recommended to store shampoo, lotions, toothpaste etc. remembering that traveling from sea levels to high country, the change of pressures can make this products burst out of their container.
  • Locks and tags for all your bags, it’s very important that your luggage have an identification.
  • Extra reading glasses in case you use them.
  • Sunglasses with supporting strap.
  • Sunscreen, preferably SPF 15 or higher if possible
  • Insect repellent
  • Clock alarm
  • Umbrella
  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • A hat
  • Antibacterial for hands
  • Hand flashlight
  • Medicines for dizziness
  • Reading material for your personal entertainment
  • Personal ID

State time zone

It’s important to know that the state of Chihuahua its governed by the time zone UTC-7 (Mountain time) with application of the summer schedule that begins the first Sunday of April at  2:00 a.m. (which its changed to 3:00a.m.) and it finish the last Sunday of October at the 3:00a.m. (which its send back again to 2:00a.m).

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