We can make the tour packages just for you; we can make the schedule according to your likes, economic possibilities and the time you have.

Visiting the “big state” with us you will have the opportunity to explore archeological zones as it is the antique city of paquime, the “cueva de la olla”, “cuarenta casas” all these located at the northeast of the state, you can explore the different ethnical groups that habit the region and that they have forge the vast history of the state, like the Mormons colonies that comes from united states at finals of 1800 and they stay in the northeast of the state or the Mennonite camps, also religious groups that get stablished at the center-west of Chihuahua came from Canada at finals of the Mexican revolution.

The archeology zone of the state its also abundant, occupying part of the 247 455 km2 (12.5% of the national territory) we can found the grate Chihuahua desert, the zone with grassland and the Sierra Madre Occidental (Sierra Tarahumara). Inside the activities that we can offer you it’s the observation of interesting birds, activity that has been develop hugely, long walks of a day to the bottom of the cooper canyon, trips in vans to the bottom of the cooper canyon too, visits to mining town and more.
We have a guiding team certified by the SECTUR and our own fleet of buses and vans.
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